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Bradly's Story

From TV commercials as a kid, to 5 years serving in the military, to where I am today as a musician, and to the dark periods in between, there has always been one constant...

Music. Is it a great force that exists within us or is it something we stumble upon? Every music lover has their own story on how music became the biggest, most-important, sleep-consuming part of their lives!

I myself have been told that as a baby I would hum melodies. Also I sing in my sleep apparently, in both English and French. Given this natural and subconscious penchant towards music I am often surprised how hard I have to work to keep my chops up to par or to keep learning but that's music. It's a life-long journey more about the ride then the destination.

I first picked up the guitar when I was 9. With tons of practice and what I should admit is a pretty good ear for melody things began to get easier. However at 15 break dancing and hip-hop took over my life for a time. It wasn't until I TRULY heard the music of Jimi Hendrix that something inside me, like a switch, got turned on. The riffs, the melody, the hammer-ons and pull-offs, the dream-like tones. It was a rebirth in how I looked at the guitar and what I could do with the instrument. 

I have not let my guitars collect dust since. 

I've acted, I've earned a bachelor's degree while serving in Canada's military, I've owned my own business all before I was 25. I've also lost, first a friend to cancer, then my business. I can tell you that life is not without it's high's and low's. That's how our priorities find us in my opinion. After working some pretty bad jobs to pay the bills I finally decided that music was my calling. It had been there all along patiently waiting for me to realize that this for me is who I am and how I am meant to touch the world. Life's too short to not be who you are.

My guitar, the sounds I can achieve, the peace I find while playing, the challenge it provides me to improve, the overwhelming sense of accomplishment that comes with finishing a new song. The feeling that you will all know me through my music, even after I am long gone. This to me is why I am a musician.

I am humbled to have this platform and that you have decided to let me share who I am with you.

Please keep checking in regularly as I will be creating and maintaining a blog for you to continue to get to know who I am, what I am doing, and how things are going in life and music.

You're all beautiful people!